St Johns Bible

For my dissertation I am studying illuminated manuscripts and whilst researching them today I found St Johns Bible which is a modern day illuminated manuscript commissioned by Benedictine monks. It was finished in 2011 and it was the first illuminated manuscript to be commisioned by the Benedictine community in over 500 years. Its pretty amazing stuff…

There is a website where you can go through the whole Bible and learn about how it was made:

Id love to see it in real life but unfortunatly I can only find it touring in America.

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Kurt Schwitters- An Old Fairy Tale

This is for the Merz box project, ive been a bit slow in starting this work but im getting there. An Old Fairy Tale is basically about a man who is wrongly convicted of murder. Orginally I had lots of different ideas for this project such as making a passport for the man (as referenced in the story) however eventually I decided I wanted to try something similar to what I had planned for the negoitated project in hope it will help me later on. My plan is to do painted images surrounding hand written text, but I wanted to make it more interesting than just a normal book layout so Ive decided to do it in a kind of fold out format, where all the bits are folded down and they then fold out to tell the story, something like this:

merz box plan

Thats a bit rough I know, but ive condensed the story and here are a couple of roughs for some of the sections:

section 1 rough

This is Frederick Peace wandering through the forest and stumbeling upon a bird with a lame wing. Theres still some changes to be made to this, I would like to add some roots at the bottom of the page and some more animals amongst the trees and of course the text needs adding but hopefully il get painting this section as soon as possible.

section 2 rough

This is the section where the bird describs how she was turned from a maiden into a bird by a sourceress, this area needs more work but its still under development. It would go into one of the gaps at the top so space is quite limited but at the moment I think its a little too boring and cliche for a fairy tale. Also this isnt the text il be using I just put it in to work out how much space id need.

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How to be concieted editorial

Ive re-done the How To Be Concieted editorial illustration. The orginal looked like this:

How To Be Concieted version 1

The feedback on this piece was that the concept worked but the way the image was drawn gave it a look more suited to a childrens book than an newspaper article so I revisited the image and this is the second version:

How To Be Concieted version 2

Ive changed a lot about the image, ive taken out the body, changed the character from female to male and changed their features. I also worked into this image a lot more on the computer than the original but I think it was worth redoing and and I would hope the second image would appeal to the target audience much better. Ive included a comparision between the two along with the article below:

How To Be Concieted comparison

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Party Project…again

Because we have a bit of time before our big hand in ive decided to re do my party project final. I posted the orginal final on here a while ago now and it looked like this:

Party Project final


The reason ive decided to re do is because I like the image but knew there were some areas that needed changing. One of the main issues was that I painted it on wood and on quite a small scale so when it was enlarged the details werent the quality they needed to be. So ive decided to re paint my characters and im doing the text on the computer, ive had to only do five characters instead of eight because I wouldnt have time to do them all. Im hoping that the second edition will make a good portfolio piece but we’l see, its going quite slowly but il show you what ive got so far! 🙂

Party Project unfinished

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Sam Book

This is my final image for the Sam project, I had to change quite a lot to get it done for the deadline despite the extended deadline! My line was ‘released the birds’ and so my idea developed in to an image of Sam, a sly fox character, capturing the birds in his handmade trap tree. Originally my idea was to do this as a flap book with the tree filling the whole page but I had to change this to meet the deadline so the tree takes up less of the page than planned but I managed to get it as detailed as I wanted. If I have time I will go back and revisit this to attempt to do the original plan.

Sam book final

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Why Small Victories Matter

This is the final for the small victories editorial project I posted about previoulsy. Its changed a lot from my orginal ideas but I tried to take it down a less obvious route, turns out a lot of people thought of doing jigsaws! : )

Why Small Victories Matter

 I think that out of the three editorial illustrations this is the most visually striking but perhaps the most complicted concept. Whilts I know what its saying I find it difficult to tell whether the audience will be able to tell the connection between the article and the Illustration.

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How To Be Conceited

This is my final image for the article ‘How To Be Conceited’, again by Guy Browning. I decided to use the idea that conceited people only think about themselve:

How To Be Conceited

There are areas of this image that are more sucessful than others. Whilst I think the figure is sucessful in showing that she is happy and content I think that if I revist this I will try to fit the figure more sucessfully in the space provided. My original idea was to just have the figure without any background at all but when I put it onto the text there was too much empty space around her and the white background meant that she didnt show up strong enough. I then created a background on the computer and whilst I think that it works quite well id like to try a hand painted background instead.

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