The Little Green Bird

This is some work for my negotaited project. I am doing pages for a childrens book (aimed kind of 6 to 11 years) using a story, from the book Orges and Trolls, called The Little Green Bird. Ive probally explained all this before but im not very good at keeping track of what ive posted. The illustrations are based on medieval Illuminated Manuscripts which is a subject that really interests me and which I did my dissertation on. To help get a more authentic look I painted some of the details on vellum which was historically the material of choice when producing Illuminated Manuscripts. This is the details painted on vellum:

Details on vellum

details on vellum 2

The vellum didnt scan particually well but that was hardly surpising as I dont think it was designed with scanning in mind. Another issues was that as I used cut offs of vellum they were all quite small pieces and slightly different colours and textures, when I was putting them together on the computer therefore I had to try to get the background colours similar without changing the paint colour. This is what Ive got so far (this is page 1 of hopefully 3 pages). There’s still the text to add and two more characters, any feedback is more than welcome : )

The Little Green Bird (page 1)

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