Merz Book- An Old Fairytale

These are my images in response to Kurt Schwitters Old Fairytale. Ive posted about this before but these are the final images, they are about A3 and will be stuck back to back. The final product will actually fold up so that it would be in the Merz box folded and then be opened to show the final image and text. Im pretty happy with how its turned out, the text was particually difficult because I drew out an alaphbet and then created the text on the image with individual letters, it was quite time consuming but I think it was worth it and is more effective than when i tried writing the text on my hand. Any comments or suggestions welcome : )

Final, Front With Text

Final, Back With Text

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One Response to Merz Book- An Old Fairytale

  1. Jordan Quigley says:

    Thats wicked Rosie, great work

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