Negotiated brief

For my negotiated brief I am using a story from an ‘orges and trolls’ book. The plan to illustrate and handwrite sections of the story in the style of an illuminated manuscript. The layouts going to look roughly like this:

page layout

The text would go in the middle and then there will be boarders and images around the edge. This a rough plan for the top section:

top panel rough plan

I did a a practice trail for the top panel today. Im hoping the final is going to be on vellum, but im still waiting for that to arrive so I did a practice on vellum paper which is designed to feel and look like vellum. It was helpful because it will give me an idea of how the colours will appear on vellum and actually vellum paper was really nice to paint on so I think if the realy vellum turns out to be unsuitable then this can be a backup.

top panel colour draft

I think that the colours need tweaking a little and the character needs work, shes changed quite a lot from the original plan but I think I want to try and find a comprimise between the two. The leaves are different at the start of the image because that was when I was trying out different styles and I think the light blue/dark blue contrast is the one that works best.

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