Kurt Schwitters- An Old Fairy Tale

This is for the Merz box project, ive been a bit slow in starting this work but im getting there. An Old Fairy Tale is basically about a man who is wrongly convicted of murder. Orginally I had lots of different ideas for this project such as making a passport for the man (as referenced in the story) however eventually I decided I wanted to try something similar to what I had planned for the negoitated project in hope it will help me later on. My plan is to do painted images surrounding hand written text, but I wanted to make it more interesting than just a normal book layout so Ive decided to do it in a kind of fold out format, where all the bits are folded down and they then fold out to tell the story, something like this:

merz box plan

Thats a bit rough I know, but ive condensed the story and here are a couple of roughs for some of the sections:

section 1 rough

This is Frederick Peace wandering through the forest and stumbeling upon a bird with a lame wing. Theres still some changes to be made to this, I would like to add some roots at the bottom of the page and some more animals amongst the trees and of course the text needs adding but hopefully il get painting this section as soon as possible.

section 2 rough

This is the section where the bird describs how she was turned from a maiden into a bird by a sourceress, this area needs more work but its still under development. It would go into one of the gaps at the top so space is quite limited but at the moment I think its a little too boring and cliche for a fairy tale. Also this isnt the text il be using I just put it in to work out how much space id need.

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