How To Undo Things

The brief for this was to create an illustration to accompany the article from the Guardian ‘How to…Undo Things’ by Guy Browning. I quite struggle with editorial illustration and so it was quite a long process to get here but eventually I found an idea that I think works well to put across what the article is saying in an original way.

How To Undo Things

I eventually decided to go down the route of showing something being done that cant then be undone though I tried to keep it quite general. I think that the idea could have been a little more excitingly shown  and this would have involved further development but I wanted time to be able to paint the final image to a good standard. Out of the two finals showen here I think that the right one works better as a more dynamic image but that there is perhaps some excitment still missing that I may need to look into more, perhaps look at using a bolder colour combination or re-doing the image using another method. When you see the image with the text it changes its look alot, i liked it on its own but alongside the article I dont think it stands out quite enoug but this is something I can go back and re visit.

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