Spam Advert Project

Our brief this week was to create an advert for Spam based on a visual provided for us on the brief. The idea was to aim spam at a younger audience and therefore the characters that we need to include are a spaceman, robot and alien. I think (hopefully) ive nearly finished my final draft, I wanted to get it done quite early on so I could spend some time making sure I get the painting right, so I thought I might share some of my character development.

alien character developmentAlien character

I struggled with my alien character because I didnt want it to look too much like a typical cliche alien so I ended up drawing some pages of squiggles  (like in a previous project) and then created aliens out of the shapes created.

Spacewoman development


Spacewoman Character

Ive actually changed this characters face in the final drafts after a discussion with some of the tutors about whether she is an adult or child or something in between. I think that ive managed to capture a childlike look in further development but its difficult to get the balance of all the features right! Im sure future feedback will let me know if ive achieved it : )

Robot character

final draft 1

Basically this is how my layout is going to be, I need to work on the composition a little and just rearrange and resize the typography to make sure it all fits well but I think im nearly there!

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