There may have been a slight blip..

After my promise to post everyday I seemed to not have posted at all! its just been so busy buts its ok no need for excuses we can just ignor that blip and carry on 🙂 It seemed like a good idea to post some of my summer project work seems as this is what ive been working on the whole time, the project was to produce seven characters in the style of seven illustrators. I thought that I wouldnt enjoy this project, I thought id find it frustrating copying someone eles style while all I want to do is concentrate on developing my own however it turned out to be really interesting and challenging trying to recreate their look.

This piece is based on an artist called Otto Seibold, he had such a fun playful style that I couldnt resist trying to recreate, you might recognise him from his popular ‘Mr Lunch’ books :

Otto Seibold style final

This is some of his stuff:

Otto Seibold- Mr LunchOtto Seibold- Space Monkey

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