Its been a while…

Ive been so busy with the end of University and moving back home that ive been a bit behind on my updates, so this is a catch up. Ive been working on a few projects since uni finished which I will post about soon but today I wanted to show you some of my work from my degree show. It was a fantastic show and everyones work was looking really great, though it was very sad to say goodbye!

Rosie Ward, Degree Show Work

me infront of my work

This is just some of the work I displayed. I posted about a lot of the development work for them in this last few months, so here are the finals!

Orges and Trolls Negotiated, page 2

Penguin Grimms Fairy Tales book cover

Macmillian Childrens book competition Page 1

Macmillian Childrens book competition Page 2

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The Little Green Bird

This is some work for my negotaited project. I am doing pages for a childrens book (aimed kind of 6 to 11 years) using a story, from the book Orges and Trolls, called The Little Green Bird. Ive probally explained all this before but im not very good at keeping track of what ive posted. The illustrations are based on medieval Illuminated Manuscripts which is a subject that really interests me and which I did my dissertation on. To help get a more authentic look I painted some of the details on vellum which was historically the material of choice when producing Illuminated Manuscripts. This is the details painted on vellum:

Details on vellum

details on vellum 2

The vellum didnt scan particually well but that was hardly surpising as I dont think it was designed with scanning in mind. Another issues was that as I used cut offs of vellum they were all quite small pieces and slightly different colours and textures, when I was putting them together on the computer therefore I had to try to get the background colours similar without changing the paint colour. This is what Ive got so far (this is page 1 of hopefully 3 pages). There’s still the text to add and two more characters, any feedback is more than welcome : )

The Little Green Bird (page 1)

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Merz Box Final Creation

I posted on the final image from my Kurt Schwitters Fairy Tale work a few days ago with a attempted explanation of how it was going to be presented and now ive manged to actually get it all together. I had it printed on thick card so that it would stand, and ive added some slight 3D elements just to enchance the images and and make them more readable. I had a few technical problems, for example because the card was so thick its torn a little down the scored and folded lines. If anyone has any suggestions of how to neaten this up they would be appreciated : )

Cover Image

Folded Up

Stood Up

3D Character Detail

3D Character Detail

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Merz Book- An Old Fairytale

These are my images in response to Kurt Schwitters Old Fairytale. Ive posted about this before but these are the final images, they are about A3 and will be stuck back to back. The final product will actually fold up so that it would be in the Merz box folded and then be opened to show the final image and text. Im pretty happy with how its turned out, the text was particually difficult because I drew out an alaphbet and then created the text on the image with individual letters, it was quite time consuming but I think it was worth it and is more effective than when i tried writing the text on my hand. Any comments or suggestions welcome : )

Final, Front With Text

Final, Back With Text

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Negotiated brief

For my negotiated brief I am using a story from an ‘orges and trolls’ book. The plan to illustrate and handwrite sections of the story in the style of an illuminated manuscript. The layouts going to look roughly like this:

page layout

The text would go in the middle and then there will be boarders and images around the edge. This a rough plan for the top section:

top panel rough plan

I did a a practice trail for the top panel today. Im hoping the final is going to be on vellum, but im still waiting for that to arrive so I did a practice on vellum paper which is designed to feel and look like vellum. It was helpful because it will give me an idea of how the colours will appear on vellum and actually vellum paper was really nice to paint on so I think if the realy vellum turns out to be unsuitable then this can be a backup.

top panel colour draft

I think that the colours need tweaking a little and the character needs work, shes changed quite a lot from the original plan but I think I want to try and find a comprimise between the two. The leaves are different at the start of the image because that was when I was trying out different styles and I think the light blue/dark blue contrast is the one that works best.

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Art Meets Science Final

East Midlands Health Competition

I managed to get my final finished for the Art Meets Science competition, the deadlines not till the 1st of Feb but it needs posting so I wanted to get it done in plenty of time. Im pleased with the image, there are some little things that I think could do with changing but there always is! Im not sure that the colours have come out as bright in the scan as in the original but I can always play around with that. Comments or feedback welcome : )

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Art meets Science Competition

This is a draft of my idea for Art Meets Science competition. This is about the fourth concept that ive played around with for this competition I cant seem to settle on an idea but im aware that the deadline is fast approaching so I think im going to go with this idea. It still needs work on the character and a slight background needs to be added but the basic idea is that it is to promote healthy eating to feel healthier and more active. Any feedback or suggestions welcome.

Healthy eating


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